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MICHAEL FORCE, the Brilliance Behind a Successful Internet Entrepreneur.

 Michael Force, online business expert, author, a husband, a father and a successful internet entrepreneur. How did he go about in achieving these handle to one’s name? Let’s have a look at what’s behind this amazing man’s success.

Michael Force mentor_logoMichael Force met his wife during his service in the United States Marine Corps. He got weary of not spending enough time with his family. He made a tough decision knowing it would turn his life around. It was during the boom of dot.com that he tried his luck in internet marketing. Relying on his multi dynamic personality, the field of marketing and sales came naturally to former marine Michael Force. Armed with the vision that the use of internet will permanently modify the future of business, he spent 10 years honing his marketing and selling skills.

 Working 80 hours a week earning a six-figure income, he thought he was doing well as he generated top sales to Fortune 500 companies but it wasn’t always that good. His company WebEx was sold to a Fortune 500 company and the resellers were let go. He quickly went back on track and after 2 years, he joined PRO U, a direct sales company based outside of New York, with his friend Jay Kubassek, as the founder. PRO U changed everything for Michael Force as he learned to mentor serious individuals who are more than willing to learn how to succeed in home business.

Looking back at his years in corporate sales, Michael Force yearned for something like being an entrepreneur, to work in a home business and be paid for what he was truly worth for. He always had the desire, drive and determination to put an edge on internet but the opportunities that came his way were far off what he was looking for. He wanted something that would provide a long-term growth and valuable global products that would change people’s lives.

With PRO U, he found his home. All the things he dreamt of, a seven-figure annual income, a working schedule of less than 40 hours a week and more he found in PRO U. What’s more, he came across life-long business relationships many of whom he became his best friends, teachers and mentors that he pledged never to take for granted.

Today, as one of the top 3 entrepreneurs of PRO U, having been awarded the very first Founders Award to recognize his cultivating leadership as well as his team’s outstanding performance and success; he has made it his passion to help others accredit themselves and fulfill their unfulfilled aspirations. As he himSelf made it a as a successful internet entrepreneur, his success is based on helping others to succeed, all he asks is to help “inspire” and be a guiding light to others.

He invariably imparts to entrepreneurs to stop searching for quick get rich schemes as they are all a hoax, it is in hard work and perseverance that great rewards can be achieved.Learn From Michael Force Click Here Now!

Michael Force advertises his online business applying proven, highly skilled marketing strategies. He proceeds from a simple four steps formula most commonly known and used by successful internet entrepreneurs:

1)      A simple webpage containing consistent messages to encourage visitors to be involved in his newsletter.

2)      Promotes and spends time marketing his website through several proven internet marketing strategies.

3)      He invests in building relationships with his potentials by sending relevant audio and video information on a regular basis on how to succeed in online home business.
4)      All of his effort drives individuals to create profit using a scientific sales process through affiliate income streams including his primary business that is helping others achieve their dreams as the Top Master Marketing Mentor at Pro U.

Covering everything, Michael Force is simply looking for the right kind of online strategies designed to attract certain individuals to be part of his team at Pro U, giving the understanding that he is not trying to sponsor everybody. Meet Michael Force, enroll in his FREE TRAINING Webinar. Revealing the 5 Biggest X-Factors that can Catapult or Crush Your New or Existing Online Business.Take Action and Register NOW!
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MICHAEL FORCE, the Brilliance Behind a Successful Internet Entrepreneur.

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